Domestic Hot Water & Air to Water Heat Pump

Domestic Hot Water on an Air to Water Heat Pump

When installing an Air to Water Heat Pump (AWHP) you can add domestic hot water (DHW) when the heat pump is installed or any time afterward like when the existing DHW water heater fails as part of what I call the Building Blocks theory.

During the electrification of our industry there are limited options to create DHW.

1. Electric water heater
  a. Use a minimum 80-gallon electric water heater
  b. Preheat the water before the water heater
2. Indirect water heater (IWH)
  a. Upsize the tank size
  b. Use a tank with an electric element as back-up
3. Tankless water heater
  a. Use pre-heater water into the electric tankless water heater
  b. No need to pre-heat inlet DHW water to gas tankless water heater
4. Heat Pump Water Heater
  a. No need to temper the inlet water

Below a some sample applications. The drawings are incomplete for simplicity. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations.

 Fig 1 - AWHP with Electric water heater with pre-heating water through a flat plat heat exchanger. The pre-heated water will be attached to the cold inlet on the water heater.

 Fig-2 - AWHP with an Indirect Water Heater. The AWHP water will be piped through the coil in the IWH.

 Fig 3 - AWHP with a Tankless water heater. While this seems like overkill it is a way to control the cost of operation. This is especially helpful with larger hot water demands.

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