About Comfort Calc

About Myself and Comfort-Calc

My work history in the HVAC industry for 45 years before retiring in December 31, 2020

This includes;
Technician - 11 years installing and servicing, heating, air conditioning and solar equipment.
Service manager - 9 years managing two local service departments in Harrisburg and Carlisle, PA
Tech Service Department - US Boiler (Burnham) as a phone technician for bout 1-1/2 years, managed tech services for about 1-1/2 years, and Training manager for about 17 years.

Retired 2020
Over the next two years I gradually re-established Comfort-Calc.com, updating the information and drawings.
At Comfort-Calc we perform online heat loss calculations where you measure your home exterior windows and doors, room sizes and fill in all the information we ask for. We will calculate your heat loss to properly size your heating and cooling equipment.
We also offer a plethora of technical information for the trades.

Disclaimer: The information found on this web site is for informational purposes only. All preventive maintenance, service, installations should be reviewed on a per job situation. Any work performed on your heating system should be performed by qualified and experienced personnel only. Comfort-Calc or it's personnel accepts no responsibility for improper information, application, damage to property or bodily injury from applied information found on this web site.