Converting to a Heat Pump

If you are considering installing a heat pump in place of your steam, hot water, existing gas or oil fired warm air furnace, or retrofitting a heat pump into your existing warm and central air system here are some pointers to maximize your savings during operation.

1. Size the new heat pump using a Manual-J heat loss program which we can do for you.
2. If you have an existing duct system verify the duct system is adequate for a heat pump. Many old systems, the return ducts and even some system supply ducts are undersized and will affect the heat pump operation and efficiency.
3. Check for duct system leaks. Many older systems may lose as much as 30% of the air carried through the duct system.
4. Check duct insulation. The entire duct system should be insulated. Ducts in unconditioned spaces such as crawl spaces and attic spaces would require higher R-values. To determine the minimum duct insulation for your area check with the building codes or codes office.

I hope you find this information helpful.