How We Do It

I have always had an interest in teaching and sharing my knowledge from over 44 years in the heating industry. When I retired in 2020 I decided to offer this information via a website.

I worked with a local oil company as a tech and then a service manager for 20 years. In 1998 went to a boiler manufacturer performing the tasks of tech services, answering calls from heating tech's in the basements and distributors concerning our product lines for 24 years.

We offer our services as follows;
  • Live Online Seminars - We can perform a seminar for your tech.s via online streamig, priced according to number of attendees
  • In Person - In your shop or anywhere else, priced according to expenses and attendees
  • Online Pre-recorded - Using our pre-recorded seminars broken into segments priced single, other pricing for small groups per attendees