How it works

We offer a wide variety of brand neutral rasidential boiler seminars segmented into categories from our full day seminar. Most of the seminars are around 1 to 1-1/2 hours long.

We do not do brand specific seminars.

Most of he information can be applied to cast iron boilers or high efficiency (mod/con) boilers.

Webinar information will be added if enough people ask for something to be added or industry changes. The length and price will vary dependent on the subject matter and length of seminar.Most seminars can be shortened to specific topics upon request.

We will ask for some mandatory information such as name, address, phone number (company) and email address for our database. Why do we ask for this information? We keep a record of what you viewed so if we update the seminar within 18 months of your viewing a pre-recorded seminar online we will contact you with the information to view it for free.This does not apply to groups, zoom meetings, only private viewings of pre-recorded seminars. We will not sell or share your information in any way. You will not get any marketing emails from us we update a seminar you already viewed or add a new seminar.

We offer a discount for multiple pre-recorded seminars online within a year. If you view 3 seminars within a year you will get a fourth free. This will come as a rebate after the fourth is viewed and will be the cost of the least expensive seminar.

Allow sufficient time to view the entire video judging by the times labeled on the particular seminar. You may pause it, start over, go back, but, when you close the video, you will not be able to retrieve it again.

Call us for pricing of in person live seminars for groups or zoom meetings.
Thank you