Get phone assistance for your residential boiler

Note, The Tech Line phone number is @717-516-0456 We will not accept tech line calls on our standard line

Get help while you are on a gas or oil residential boiler job site. With 45 years of experience I can assist you with boiler or system questions or problems. While I do have the experience I would have to expect you have an understanding of the parameters of the controls on high efficiency boilers due to plethora of variables in these control. The mechanics and applications of the boilers are very similar.

After working as a tech for 20 years and a manufacturer for 25 years as a phone tech I realize not every job can be completed via a phone 99% can be. How does this process work?

What Happens first?
Download a form, fill it out and return to me.
The form consists of the following required input;
Describe the problem you are having
Parts already changed
Boiler model and serial number
Your name and phone number.

Why do you need the form filled out every time I need the service?
So I can gather information on your specific boiler including a wiring diagram in case I need it

After I fill out the form what's next?
I contact you via the phone number supplied and schedule a time and date between the hours of 8AM and 8PM dependent upon availability.
It may be possible to do the call the same day as day as you fill out the form and email it

OK, we contact via phone, what's next?
I would expect you to have proper standard tools as suggested below.
Volt/ohm meter
Box/open end wrenches
Screw drivers
Allen and star wrenches or tips
Possibly a socket set
May require specialty tools such as;
Combustion analyzer
Oil vacuum & pressure gage

How much does this service cost?
It is a base cost of $20 plus phone time.
Phone time is billed at $0.33 a minute equal to $20 an hour.

How is this billed?
The $20 is paid at the time you return the forms.
The balance will must be paid upon completion of the call.
Monies can be paid on Paypal or Venmo.

By clicking the button below you agree to accept all responsibity for your actions and agree Comfort-Calc cannot be held responsible for any financial responsibity.


You can contact us about this service @717-516-0456 if you have any questions