Heat Loss Information

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heat Loss Form

Filling out the form is simple. If you can read a ruler you can do this. The numbers on the form match the numnbers below.

1. Room name - Enter  name for the room being reported on

    What level room is on - Fist, second third, basement

2. Room size - Length and width of room. If the room is "L" shaped measure the room as two rooms. Name it the same. Kitchen(1), and Kitchen (2)

Ceiling Information

3. Ceiling Height - Floor to ceiling measurement

4. Is a heated room above? - Yes or No - is there a heated room above this room. Maybe a kitchen on first floor and a bedroom above on the second floor.

    Cover ceiling completely? see diagram. If you home is a cape cod or similar you will need to determine how much of the ceiling in the room below is exposed in the attic area.

5. Ceiling Insulation -If ceiling is insulated give either "R-value" if not insulated place an X. Please do not leave blank