HE Boiler Serice

Steam Piping Information

Two Pipe Steam systems

Steam Main Capacity in EDR (Sq Ft)

Steam Risers

Condensate Return Main (Horizontal Pitched)

Condensate Return Risers (Vertical Horizontal Pitch)

One Pipe Steam System

Steam Main capacity Based on Sq, Ft. EDR (2 oz. PD per 100")

1 Pipe Steam Riser

Capacity Sq. Ft. EDR (upfeed riser, horizontal travel 8' max riser not dripped
(A) Horizontal travel beyond 10' increase one size
(B) Horizontal travel sloped down and dripped decrease one size

1 Pipe Return Capacity EDR

Other Information

Steam Velocity

Calculation should not exceed 40 - 50 ft a second in the Steam Main

Expansion of pipes

Correction Factor


Heat Emmisions from Radiators