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Manual J Premium Heat Loss/Gain Calculation;  


The manual J heat loss is an industry standard. The premium service we can change window, door, and insulation values upon your request. By doing this it will help you decide what home upgrades make the most sense financially before deciding on replacing your heating or cooling appliance. This will reduce the heat gain or heat loss and allows you to buy smaller equipment and save more money on the appliance price, installation, and increased fuel savings. Over sizing your appliances will cost more to install, more to operate annually and more in maintenance. Upgrading the home before replacing the heating or cooling equipment makes the most sense. Changing the heating or cooling appliance first then doing upgrades to the home will make properly sized equipment over sized after the upgrades to your home.

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Manual J Standard Heat Loss/Gain Calculation


The manual J heat loss is an industry standard. A onetime heat loss and heat gain on existing home. You also get 30 days of question-and-answer time about the heat loss. Questions about your system, proposal or contractor will not be addressed.

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Steam system calculations, new additions or finished basements are performed for less $$$$

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Download full home Heat Loss forms with dropdown boxes to make the forms easier to fill out

Excel - If you have Excel 2000 or higher you can now download an Excel file, fill it in and email back to us. If you have more than 14 rooms including hallways we suggest printing the Extra Calculation Worksheets below to enter information when measuring, then transfer to Excel form and use the drop-down boxes to improve accuracy of your information.

This will supply the most detailed information on the content we need to run the most accurate heat loss. Most information is included in a drop-down box and all rooms have a comments box to clarify any information you may want to express.
Remember to open the bottom tab titled instructions first!

Fill in Forms - If you prefer a fill-in forms offline using many drop-down boxes use this link. I would suggest downloading forms first below titled "All Required Mail in Forms" to manually fill in the forms as you gather your information. Then download the form to get the information required to input the specific information.

Download easy fillable Form

Printed forms you may need or want to record your information

If you have a steam system print Steam Boiler Form
All types of heating equipment - Gas or oil, Hot water boilers, warm air furnaces, air to air heat pumps, air to water heat pumps or air conditioning
Printed forms All Required Mailing Forms (Prints best if landscaped).
Print Extra Worksheets - Extra Worksheets (Prints best if landscaped)

----See a sample of completed form---- This is the walkaround form. The Excel files will require more specific information.

Filling out our forms video       Why do a manual-J Heat Loss Heat Gain

If using printed forms mail them to:
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