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We do online heat losses and seminars. Seminars can be viewed as pre-recorded, live via zoom or Live in person dependent on your area.

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2 Seminars now offer NORA credits

Manual "J" Heat Loss Calculations

Comfort-Calc is dedicated to proper sizing of heating and cooling equipment using Manual-J calculation. Our calculation is done using Manual “J” software for residential applications only. Our heat loss is for all residential heating equipment including but not limited to warm air furnaces, hot water or steam boilers, heat pumps, gas, oil electric, and central air conditioning. This site offers much technical information about hot water and steam boilers but does not mean we will not do heat loss calculations for heat pump, air conditioning and warm air furnaces. Doing a Manual “J” heat loss supplies you with the proper BTU sizing for your heating and cooling appliances. Proper sizing of these appliances will maximize the fuel savings, reduce installation costs, and reduce service and maintenance costs. We offer two plans for heat loss calculations. There are two plans to choose from. The Standard plan and the Premium plan. Each of the plans offer the Manual “J” calculation and consists of a heat loss for heating the structure and a heat gain for air conditioning based on information you supply. The heat loss we supply you would present to the contractors you are acquiring estimates from. While it is not unusual when getting estimates that you may receive estimates on different size units. from your contractors. Using our Manual “J” heat loss they all are bidding on the same size equipment and relieves some stress deciding which contractor to use.
We offer simple forms to fill out by simply measuring your homes rooms, windows, and doors. Enter the information on our specially designed forms and we do the rest.
We will email or mail the completed calculations in a long form showing all information and a short version that shows just the room name, square feet, heat loss and heat gain/loss in btu’s and the total for the structure.
If you have any questions when filling out the forms just call or email us. While we are performing the calculations if we have any questions, we will call you.
View the plans pricing. See Plan Pricing

See a short video as we explain what heatloss is, why it's important to perform before having new or replacement heating or cooling eqipment installed, and how to fill out our forms to supply us the proper information to give you the most accurate information possible.

Learn more about how a heat loss or heat hain will increase home comfort, reduce the fuel bill, reduce service and maintenance costs by watching our videos.
Filling out our forms
Why do a manual-J Heat Loss Heat Gain


After 20 years doing seminars to contractors educating new and seasoned technicians you can now access my seminars broken down into digestible size recorded webinars. All payments must be paid through PayPal or check at this time. If paid by check you will not be allowed to view training segments until your check clears.

Another choice is for me to do the training classes via Zoom. This gives your group a chance to view the information and asking questions and receiving answers live. This is charged per person, prepaid.

The last option is to come to your place and perform the seminar in person. This is the most expensive presentation, but some people learn best live. The cost is per person, presenting fee, and travel expenses (milage). You will be required to supply a place to perform the presentation. There is a deposit due when seminar is scheduled. The balance is due no less than 3 days of the beginning of the class. There will be no refunds if you cancel less than 72 hours of the class date. You can cancel more than 72 hours of the class for a full refund. The day of the class there will be no refunds for no-shows.

View the plans pricing. See Seminar Pricing


Phone Support

We are now offering phone support for problems with boilers only.After gathering your information and boiler specific information we will contact you for support with your service call. We will assist with either gas or oil fired steam or water boilers and most connected components. We have a suggested tool and test equipment list to have onsite when we have contact.
We will help with the heating systems also.
There may be times when we ask for pictures of the boiler and near boiler piping or facetime calls to better understand what you are seeing.

Tech Phone Questions and Answers

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